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Tips on How to Drive Your Food Server Career

Finding your way to a high paying food service or hospitality job can be seemingly impossible-especially in a struggling economy. If you are working minimum wage or worse, it may seem like you will never get there; however, as the hopeful maxim states, "where there"s a will, there"s a way-. How exactly do you get to top level food service executive or management? Here are the top tips on how to go from a stalemate career in food service to an upward movement career track in the food service profession.
  1. Lower Your Standards - Lowering your standards in the food service industry does not mean lowering your expectations of yourself. It just means considering that there will be a time when you need to build experience and another time to excel with experience gained. So if this means adding to your credentials of food service staff or management by working at a fast food chain, then do so. There are many valuable skills and know-how that can gleaned from a fast food restaurant.
  2. Develop a Long Term Plan - No matter where you may be in your food service career, having a clear idea of your short and long term goals is absolutely crucial to making your way to a high paying food service and hospitality position in your career future. If you don"t establish a plan of how long you expect to stay on the current rung of your ladder, you may get caught staying there in a stalemate forever. Write out lengths of time, job positions, and salaries that you expect to experience so that you have a plan to stick to. This will keep you focus on the future that you dream of.
  3. Work Hard - This may seem like a given, but in the throes of many shifts in low-level food service, you may find yourself believing your dream of ascension is impossible. This, in turn, will make you think that working hard is futile and does not gain recognition. Wipe this notion from your head. Work hard in every position you have. Even if the opportunity to move up in a particular does not present itself, that same job experience could lend a fabulous recommendation or reference that will buy you a fabulous job elsewhere.
By Michelle Simmons
Get Food Server Jobs, Contributing Editor

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