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Navigating Workplace Issues as a Food Server

Individuals who work within the food service industry serve a variety of functions, including preparing food, greeting customers, taking customer orders, serving food and cleaning. As with any job, there are a variety of health and safety issues that impact workers. Awareness of these issues leads to implementation of proactive solutions which can in many cases prevent an accident from occurring.
Common Health and Safety Issues
Throughout the food service industry, individuals are exposed to a variety of potential health and safety issues. Some of the primary concerns include:
·         The proper handling or raw meat and poultry items
·         Consistent exposure to hazardous cleaning products
·         Injuries from working in certain positions
·         Injuries from performing manual tasks
·         Injuries caused by lifting or moving heavy objects
·         Managing difficult customers
·         Long hours
·         Working solo shifts
Individuals who work within the food service industry can take proactive measures to reduce or eliminate the possible impact of these issues to their overall health.
Proactive Measures to Address Workplace Concerns
Take time to learn how to proactively manage workplace concerns. Not only will you prevent potentially harmful effects from your work, but you will be able to increase your overall job satisfaction.
Here are some techniques to reduce the possible effects of the common workplace issues:
·         Practice safe lifting techniques when working with heavy objects
·         Wash your hands frequently, and following eating or drinking, smoking or using the restroom. And, wash your hands when you begin your shifts.
·         Wear any appropriate protective equipment while working
·         Wear non-skid shoes to prevent slipping
·         Follow all company safety guidelines
·         Report any hazard or concern immediately to your supervisor
While you may never experience any of the hazards mentioned above, it is still important to take precautions to avoid them from occurring.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Food Server Jobs, Contributing Editor

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