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Treat your customers to something good. As a food server, you will be serving different types of food to customers. In some instances, you may also be preparing the food that you serve to your customers. A food server can work in various different work settings. For instance, food servers can be employed in fast food, food chains, high end restaurants, hotels, diners, and almost any other location that provides meals to customers. The food orders that you may be serving could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert and may be for an individual to eat while they are dining in or for the individual to take out. Some food servers also serve food to individuals who are outside by providing curb service, or by taking the individuals order while they remain outside.
You can make more than food when you"re a food server
As a food server, your amount of income will vary. If you are employed as a food server at a food chain, you will probably earn less than an individual who is a food server at a high end restaurant. An individual who is employed at a hotel restaurant is someone who would probably earn an income in between an individual of a fast food chain and that of an individual employed at a high end restaurant. Depending on where the individual is employed, a food server may be paid hourly or the food server may be paid a small hourly wage but be able to accept tips from customers. In some instances, food servers are able to earn a regular hourly wage and accept tips from customers who ordered from the restaurant. If you help prepare the food, as well as serve it you will probably earn more than someone who is just a food server.
Make more out of your career
If you want to earn more from being a food server, you do have opportunities for advancement which allow you to make more money. For example, you may want to become a chef or attend culinary arts school. If you choose to go this direction, you can be the featured chef of a restaurant and serve your customers. You may also want to open your own restaurant and be the premier chef. This will also allow you to serve your customers but generate the highest income possible.



By Neil Whitehall
Get Food Server Jobs, Contributing Editor

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