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Food Server Job Types

While some may consider the phrase, 'food server", to refer to cafeteria style restaurants, waiters and bar tenders, there are actually a variety of other opportunities that go beyond the basics. A career in the food industry can offer a variety of career possibilities.
Private/Personal Chef

A type of catering niche that has grown in popularity is that of a personal or private chef. These food professionals offer a vast array of services, including catering, cooking demonstrations, private chef events and weekly food services. Most of these professionals have received formal training from a cooking school, although individuals with a passion for cooking may not require this type of formal training.

Wine Sommelier

For the wine lovers in the world, there are opportunities in the private business sector and within the restaurant or bar industry to become a wine sommelier. A wine sommelier often focuses on selecting wines to carry in stock, tastes wines on a regular basis to learn how to pair with foods and will provide selections to patrons in establishments. For the true wine lover, this is a perfect career fit.

Private Food Servers

In addition to food servers in restaurants or bars, a more lucrative opportunity within the same niche is to work private events. In fact, many professional food servers often form companies that deliver highly trained food servers for private in home events, weddings, anniversaries and other festivities for a fee. In addition to food service training, etiquette training often comes in handy in this type of environment.
So while there is certainly a great deal of restaurant, hotel and bar opportunities within the food service niche, there are also a variety of other career paths that one can choose beyond the basics. To learn more about these options, talk with an individual currently in the role as they will be able to provide the most accurate insight into career paths and job requirements.

By Chris Navarro
Get Food Server Jobs, Contributing Editor

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